The highs and lows of Granite Fabrication

We just finished a gorgeous kitchen in Pukalani, I will try to post pictures, and left the job site on such a high with the homeowners smiling from ear to ear.  We come back to the shop and I am reminded of a pre fab job that went sideways.

The panels just did not match the peninsula top and the customer is the one suffering.  We did not install these pieces, instead we took the lighter top back to the shop and we are searching for a solution.  What is the solution you might ask, well me too.  What is the solution?  The only remedy is to try and dye the lighter piece to match the darker piece.  And that is where we are.  I ordered the color and I am waiting on it to show up.  These might be the last words posted on this scenario.  I just hope we can keep the customer happy.  By the way, the customer selected the material.

Pre Fabricated Vs Custom

In the last decade pre fabricated material has had a huge impact on our industry.  It has made it possible and affordable for home remodels that otherwise would not have the financial ability to have stone counter tops.  In my experience these pre fab tops are coming from such countries as China and India very little is being done locally or in the mainland US.  Being an labor intensive industry, one has to wonder how it is possible to get a 9 foot by 2 foot granite counter top that just needs to be cut to size and if applicable have a sink hole put in it for $ 200?  Well, the answer is cheap labor.  It can be a tough choice to work with this material, turn away work because of ethics or put ethics aside and feed my family?  Unfortunately, we are unable to turn away work so we are working with pre fab material.  To balance the equation, we took all of our remnant pieces and donated them to Habitat for Humanity and which makes us feel better about using these pre fabs.  Who knows with the high quality production coming out of our shop, maybe we will be able to rid ourselves of this conundrum.